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Hi hello. I’m Stella. I hail from the rainy land of Seattle Washington and I am a woman of many talents. 

My style is very moody and ethereal. A dark backdrop, some soft minimal light, and we are good to go. I love creating a story with my work and I style all my shoots and videos myself. Which requires a lot of creative problem-solving. 

I draw a lot of inspiration from classical art. Dutch still life’s, and any painting from the renaissance era. The minute details in each painting and the feeling they create is something I want others to feel when they look at my work. 

I have a background in theater and I’ve worked on a few films. I am efficient in most Adobe programs. Most people like to think outside the box but I, however, am always curious as to what is inside the box. Each box holds a story and I love telling stories and I believe everyone has one to tell.

Stella Phillips

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